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PiE Challenge
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The PiE Challenge (also known as the game) is a mashup of objectives that teams must compete with and against each other for. The PiE Challenge is designed by a secret society known as the Game Design Committee (GDC). The PiE Challenge is released every year at Kickoff.

Past PiE Challenges

Fast Food Frenzy (2015)

Robots of opposing alliances work to put Nomnoms on top of tables to gather Calories.

Tater Toss (2014)

Opposing alliances of robots move to collect and deposit balls into opponents' side of field.

Cube Route (2013)

Robots move across the field scoring and scanning particular boxes.

Ballistic Blitz (2012)

Robots launched tennis balls into goals on a bowled field.

Pillow Fight (2011)

Robots collected and stacked pillows in goal areas.

Rods & Cones (2010)

Robots stacked cones and navigated around rods on the field.

Fore Square (2009)

Robots launched golf balls to knock down targets around a square field.