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Welcome to Team 7's Page
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Week 1

2/27 The Saturday Kick-off meeting was fantastic. I loved the team building. A spreadsheet of the team with names, phone numbers, and email has been set up on google docs.

2/28 There was a meeting from 2-5p at O'Dowd. The team began assembly of the platform. The parts were sorted into plastic boxes to keep them from getting lost in the large transport box. Everyone at the meeting downloaded the flash drive to there computer and paper copies were made of all the manuals to keep in the transport box. The software group looked over the software programs and control circuits. The robot from last year's competition was dissembled to use for testing prototype ideas. Free Gantt chart software was downloaded from the web to make a project chart for the project. A email was sent out to connect with the mentors for a meeting at O'Brien next Saturday. Dr. Dave signed up for slots from 2-5 on the wiki. The Wiki ID's and passwords were distrubuted.

2/29 Working on setting up a printer/scanner in the club room for dealing with paper documents.

3/1 We compiled a shopping list. Matt worked on Google Sketch Up design of the robot. Alvaro is starting to come up with ideas for designs to make our robot look good. Zach was also on Sketch Up, working on the field design. Enzo was assembling some of the electronics. Dr. Dave and Sarah discussed where the club is headed, and came up with the date for a mock design review (3/8/12 - after school from 3:15 to 4:30pm). Raven and Alvaro loaded project management software, and began to work on a project time-line. Raven will be making a Google doc for all members to share ideas for the robot. Everybody should be thinking about ideas for the robot to share at the next meeting.

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Week 2

3/3 The team drove over to O'Brien from 2-5PM. Raven, Alvaro, Matt, Zach, Jacky, and Enzo got their safety training done. Badge issues we straightened out for everyone. Hopefully, they will get them when we are there on Wednesday 3/7. The team had about an hour to work on the robot. It looks like the software has been downloaded so that we are ready to get the robot moving. There will be meetings at MP on Monday 3/5 and Wednesday 3/7 and we plan to come to O'Brien from 4-6 on Wednesday. There will be a mock design review on afterschool at O'Dowd on Thursday 3/8. Dr. Dave will try to get some other teachers to serve in the place of the Engineering faculty. Dr. Dave won't be avaible on Saturday 3/10 so the team needs a volunteers to host the meeting at their house (and have the kit and tools there) (from 2-5p?). Everyone will need to figure out how to get there.

On tap this week: Freeze the design Get the platform running Prepare design review Give mock design review Begin fabrication on Saturday 3/10

3/5 Those at the meeting read and discussed the rules. Drawing of the ball handling mechanism were draw. Issues still exist with the software. Designs of the esthetic look of the robot were outlined.

3/7 We got the robot running. Enzo and Dean fixed the chain and gear. Zach and Matt connected all of the electronics together. Sarah got a lot of the power point for our design review done.

Todo List: • Replace the tape with screws? (Matt) • Build model of launcher (Alvaro & Alex) *for presentation • Build the reaper (Matt) • Drive bot more often to see how long it will last (Everyone) • Make the bot more organized (Raven & Sarah) • Clean-up robot to make more presentable (Everyone) • Build case for shooter (Alvaro & Alex)

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Week 3

3/14 Enzo and Jacky went to O'Brien for two hours of work on the robot. Enzo reconfigured his computer so that it would be possible to work on his computer independently of controlling the robot. Jacky laid out where the electronic components would go on the platform

3/15 Sarah, Alvaro, Dean, Jacky, Enzo, and Zach gave the Design Review to the Cal Engineering faculty today. Three main points came out of the review. 1) Make a budget ASAP 2) Make a timeline ASAP 3) Begin building ASAP. In particular, break the tasks into component systems so that they can be fabricated, assembled, and tested by different parts of the team without needing access to the platform. There were helpful comments about the game strategy that will be folded into the plan.

After the review the team went for Pizza at La Val's. The time was used to write a draft of the timeline. Sarah will send out the draft and team members will indicate which meetings that they can and cannot attend so that the team can determine the tasks at each meeting in detail.

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Week 4

3/17 Alvaro and Enzo meet at school and make progress on the fabrication of the Robot. The kit box was organized and tools chosen for work at O'Brien and the competitions. All the small parts were put in a portable box with bins. A battery box was built from sheet metal for mounting on the bottom of the robot with a mechanism for changing it quickly. The layout for the electronics on platform was designed. The main component for the ball collection device was fabricated. It was decided to have an additional meeting on Monday afternoon 3/19 at school to make a budget and a list of parts to buy during the meeting at O'Brien on Wednesday 3/21. A Google calendar was made listing all the work dates until the competition. This will be used to determine the total time available so that Alvaro can put all the tasks into the Gantt Chart he has made to so that scheduling and timing conflicts can be identified.

3/19 Matt, Enzo, Sarah, Jacky, and Alvaro were at the meeting from 3-6p. A great turnout since it was a day off from school. The following was done. 1) On the advice of the faculty review panel, a detailed timeline for building the robot was laid out. All the subtasks were included. An extra meeting was added to week 4 in order to get caught up. To do this, again on the advice of the faculty review panel, it was necessary to define the subsystems that could be built separately so the amount of "standing around" waiting for time on the platform 2) A detailed bill of materials was written also on the advise of the faculty review panel to make a budget. Basically, the parts that are needed for the design were listed and found to be within the $200 budget. 3) Sarah, Jacky, and Alvaro began, construction on the practice game field. The wood was sanded down to avoid splinters and the 2x4's and plywood were cut to size. 4) Matt ordered parts that weren't available from PiE for the two major subsystems of the robot. 5) Enzo worked on the fabrication of one of the sub systems. 6) Enzo and Jacky worked on mounting the electronics but didn't finish as was the plan for the meeting. 7) Sarah's mom was kind enough to bring Chinese food so that we could work an extra hour.

3/21 Enzo, Sarah, Jacky, Dean, Zach, and Alvaro meet with the mentors Eric, Andy, Kevin and Joe for two hours at O'Brien. Dr. Dave worked with Alvaro and Sarah on the BOM. Part numbers and costs were added. Dean and Enzo worked on locating where the electronics would be mounted to the platform. Zach and Jacky worked with the mentors on one of the subsystems. Calculations were done on the motor speeds needed for this subsystem to meet requirements. It was determined that there was enough headroom in the motor speed so that no additional gearing will be needed. Parts were purchased from the PiE store needed to complete construction of the subsystems.

3/22 Dean, Sarah, Jacky, Enzo, Alvaro, Matt, Zach, and Christian were at the meeting. Dean and Enzo worked on mounting the electronics. Zach, Jacky, Sarah, and Alvaro worked on the practice field. Matt made a more detailed drawing of the subsystems.

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Week 5

3/24 Good progress was made at four hour meeting today. Jacky and Alvaro worked on the practice field. The 2x4's where screwed together. Jacky and Alvaro also worked on fabrication of parts for the robot. The preliminary designs were removed from the platform and sheet metal was bent for two major subsystems. The shape of the platform was modified to so that the subsystems would stay within 18" cube and allow for 2/3 of the perimeter to be bumpers.Enzo worked on the tennis ball handler. The basic concept was tested off line with the electronics. Matt worked out the dimensions and speeds needed for the second subsystem. A part was changed from plastic to metal to be more robust and fabricated. Sarah worked on the practice field sawing the remainder of the wood. The drawings of the top view of the prototype robot have been completed. The team is anticipating a good week; four afternoon meetings are planned. The team plans to go bowling after the Friday meeting to have some fun and do some team building.

3/26 Another good meeting. Enzo figured out how to program the servos. He also found that one of the cables provided was wired incorrectly and blew out the LED's. New ones will be obtained Wednesday at O'Brien. It is hoped that there will be no charge, since the cable was wired incorrectly.Sarah, Alvaro, Jacky, and Zach finished cutting out the wood for the practice field and assembled the goal supports. (See photo at the right.) Matt cut the parts for a subsystem out of sheet metal and plywood and glued and clamped them for more work at the next meeting. Zach and Alvaro moved the undercarriage supports on the platform in preparation for moving a subsystem to the opposite of the robot. This was necessary in order to make sure that 2/3 of the robot could accommodate bumpers. The drawings were modified to show this. The question of weight came up given the weight of one of the components. We will get a scale and weigh all the components to see if the total meets specification.

2/28 2-3:30 Alvaro made a drawing of the underside of the platform as a tool for placing the electronics. Paper mock up of the electronics will be made and moved around the drawing to fit all the electronics. Jacky worked on bolting the supports on the undercarriage for the new layout of the subsystems. Enzo got the beacon sensors working. Matt and Sarah made progress on the fabrication of a subsystem l. 4-6 at O'Brien. Jacky, Alvaro, Sarah, Enzo and Matt traveled to O'Brian. Enzo and Alvaro took dimensions of the electronic components. Enzo figured out how to repair the LED that were blown out due to the incorrect wiring of the cable in the kit. He will take a trip to Fry's this weekend for connectors, LED's, wire, etc. Jacky modified the platform to accommodate the new subsytem placement. Sarah and Matt made further progress on this system. The mentors help the team realize that it was better to complete one subsystem before the other as it might be possible to kludge the second system design and still be able to score. 6-6:30 Top Dog! Yum!

3/30 1:15 to 3:30p in 110, 3:30-6p Bowling!

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Week 6

3/31 Oops! When a major subsystem was mounted on the platform the total length of the robot was 20". Luckily there was a way to cut the two joining circles from 180 degrees to 135 degrees and get it into the 18" spec. We were again reminded of the value making a drawing before fabrication of parts. This cost the team several hours of fab time. Matt and Sarah made the changes. Sarah and Alvaro finished the target for the practice field. See the picture at the right. Sarah drew out the floor of the practice field on the 3/4" plywood. Dr. Dave will cut this on the power saw for the next meeting. Enzo completed mounting the electronics and retested the functioning of the robot with the electronics mounted (see video at right).Thanks to Enzo's dad for some valuable advice on the electronics. They will go to Fry's and get additional electronics items for connecting the electronics to the subsystems. Alvaro made a list of things that need to be brought to meeting at O'Brien, the scrimmage, and the competition. He packed up the transit boxes with these items. There were cookies, granola bars, red vines and juice to keep everyone going for 4 hours. NExt meeting on Tuesday after school.

4/2 Dr. Dave took a trip to Home Depot for plastic and hardware, Radio Shack for fuses and connectors.

4/3 Another meeting after school from 3 to 5:30. Jacky worked on fabrication of the second subsystem. All the parts were made and can be assembled next meeting. Details of the second subsystem were added to the complete robot drawing. Matt worked on the first subsystem. All the parts have been fabricated and can be assembled next meeting. Extra parts bought yesterday were helpful to the fabrication of both subsystems. Copies of the BOM, timeline, and Gantt chart were made for the engineering loose-leaf notebook.The plywood for the practice field playing field we cut. Sarah surrounded the the tennis ball well with a border to hold in the balls. The playing field will be attached to the goal using hooks so that the practice filed can be more easily stored in room 110. The red vines are going fast and one bag of cookies and a bottle of juice are gone. The snacks is probably only good for one more meeting.With a big push the robot should be running for the scrimmage.

4/4 Sarah, Matt, Jacky, and Enzo traveled to O'Brien for a two hour meeting. After testing the fits of subsystem 1, modifications were made to the design and re-fabricated by Sarah and Matt. Most of the reassembly was completed. Enzo coded the two motors and the one servo for both the subsystems and programmed a loop into the "A" button control so that pushing it turns on a motor and pushing it again turns it off. Jacky finished fabrication of the second subsystem. All in all a good two hours. The PiE staff reminded us that wood was frowned upon but not illegal. The team purchased polycarbonate sheets to replace the wood after testing the concept and time allows. Finally the weekly trip to TOP DOG. There were many giggles on the way home.

4/5 2-5p: Matt and Enzo were at the meeting. The fabrication and testing of the two subsystems was completed. (See the video of the test of launcher at right.)The computer codes and programs were transferred to a second computer for use in the competition since Enzo will not be at the competition. Enzo mounted the motor controllers for the subsystems on the platform now that the subsystem configurations have been finalized.

4/6 1-2:30 At school. The time was spent gathering everything that would be needed for a long session at O'Brien (As a result of this planning, the team was happy to loan a bunch of tools to ohter teams when we were there.) 3-7:30 An excellent working session at O'Brien. Matt, Enzo, Alvaro, and Jacky were there. Several modifications of the launcher were fabricated and tested. The wheel was changed to a paddle design and a step up chain drive was added to get faster RPM's. Alvaro built the reservoir for the tennis balls. Matt and Jacky worked the reaper. It still needs some final assembly and a design for the motor drive. Dr. Dave loaded the software on his computer so that there would be a computer available for testing while Enzo was on vacation and in case his computer failed for some reason during the competition.

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Week 7

4/7 Scrimmage The team arrived at school at 7:30 and packed up. Enzo, Sarah, Alvaro, and Jacky left school at 8a and arrived at Hearst at 8:30a. Everyone went for coffee and then checked in. The drivers got their instructions. Dr. Dave went to the Ace Hardware on University for some extra tools. Work proceeded at a frantic pace with Enzo working on the launcher. and the rest of the team completing the reaper. See a video at the right. Sarah and Eric (mentor)were kind enough to go for Top Dog so the rest of the team could work through lunch. Dr. Dave took a second trip to ace for oil and some grinding bits. Enzo then added a top bearing to the launcher to keep the wheel from wobbling. Jacky and Zach worked though the day on the reaper. We were then advised that wood will need to be taken off for the final competition. Enzo got the launcher in better shape and the bumpers were put on. The robot was then submitted and passed safety inspection. The robot was taken for a spin on the practice field. Some traction issues were identified.

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Meet the Team

2012 Dragons: Sarah, Christian, Matt, Dean, Alex, Enzo


Motto: Just Eyeball It!

Bishop O'Dowd is a Catholic high school with 1200 students in Oakland across intersate 580 from the Oakland Zoo. The school can be contacted at: 9500 Streans Ave Oakland, CA 94605-4799 (510)-577-9100 (510)-638-3259 fax

Name class Email
Alex Adranly '14 [email protected]
Christian Chaumette-Brown '12 [email protected]
Zach Erenberg '13 [email protected]
Raven Fields '13 [email protected]
Matt Hallock '13 [email protected]
Sarah Kluger '13 [email protected]
Enzo Marrama '15 [email protected]
Alvaro Ramos '13 [email protected]
Dean Tarpey '12 [email protected]
Jacky Tien '13 [email protected]
Leo Yu '15 [email protected]

Name Specialty
Alex Adranly systems
Christian Chaumette-Brown mechanical
Zach Erenberg electrical
Raven Fields communications/business
Matt Hallock mechanical
Sarah Kluger software/leader/builder
Enzo Marrama software
Alvaro Ramos drawings/project planning/fabricator
Dean Tarpey software/electrical
Jacky Tien electrical
Leo Yu TBD

2012 Sarah with parts for practice filed
Completed Target on Practice Field

Test of Platform with Electronics on Bottom

First Test of Launcher

Working at Scrimmage