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Hi, my name is Wesley and I love to eat cookies. I'm part of the Mechanical staff of PiE and a mentor for Nea CLC. Also a very fluent Wikipedia editor.
Name: Wesley Lee Nickname:
Committee Position:
Member since: September 2012
Majors: ME & MSE Expected Graduation:
Spring 2014

Templates created

  • {{Update}} - For time-sensitive pages not up to date and requiring immediate updating attention.

{{Update |date=~~~~~}}

  • {{Prior season}} - For pages created solely for a particular past PiE season. This template automatically categorizes into a particular category year: [[Category:PiE Season 20xx]].

{{Prior season |year=20xx}}

  • {{Clarify}} - For in-line text that needs clarification on content (hover cursor over link to view reason).

{{Clarify |reason=[insert reason here]}}

Pages watching closely

Pages that should be created