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Kit Extension begins where the base kit ends. This is your source for making your robot go from a simple two-wheel driving platform to a complex, competitive robot!

While the Kit Extension tries to provide a good range of components, it is not by any means comprehensive. Therefore, if you want to request for something to be part of the Kit Extension, please make a post on the Student Forums.

How to request parts

Please request parts by asking any staff member during worksessions. You can also make a request here ahead of your visit so that we can reserve your part.

  • Please make your reservations at least 48 hours in advance and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Please make a note in your request indicating when you will be coming to pick up the parts and who will be doing so.

Custom machined parts

To request custom machined parts for end effectors etc. You can put in your initial request under the Kit Extension Requests Forum found in the You will then be able to consult with a staff member who has machine shop training to discuss the design of the part and to come up with a drawing for the part. After that, the staff member will go and machine the part, and the team will receive it at a subsequent worksession.

Machined parts are not free, they will come from the team's kit extension budget. Their cost is dependent on how long it took us to make (we charge minimum wage) as well as material costs.

How to Read

This is a 12t gear that will cost 1 Panda point to purchase. If there is a link provided, you can check the supplier page for additional information.

How to View Panda Point Balance

You can view the amount of Panda Points left for your team by going to the link below and inputting your student badge ID number:

Kit Extension Parts


Raw Materials

Drive Train