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This page contains the resources used to teach PiE 2016 Robotics Competition Mentors in the PiE Robotics Competition DeCal (RC DeCal). Feel free to use the media provided here for the sole purpose of education in the context of PiE.


Slides, Handouts, and other Material

Please look in the PiE RC DeCal Public Folder for handouts, slides, and what have you. They are numbered and organized for your convenience.


  1. Intro Section
    1. 2016 Team Contact Info: Contact info for teachers and team captains.
    2. DeCalSyllabus2016: What you would expect
    3. Effective Mentorship: Mentorship tips from Google's Ignite CS mentorship program.
  2. Electrical Section
    1. Electrical System Explainer: A document explaining what each thing on the Electrical Wiring Guide is and does.
    2. Electrical Wiring Guide: A document showing each of the electrical components and how you connect them.
  3. Programming Section
    1. examplecode1.py: Example code from the programming section.
    2. Handout: Useful functions: A handout detailing useful functions from the API and how you use them, along with a refresher on certain Python syntax
    3. Intro Programming Slides: The slides we used for the introductory portion of the programming section.
    4. PiE Simulator.zip: The simulator for the robot that we used for the programming section. Please note several things: 1) it only works on Windows. 2) You have to unzip the folder somewhere onto your computer. 3) You execute the batch file titled pierep.bat in order to open all the windows the simulator needs to function, including vrep and a local version of dawn with the simulator. You must give the simulator and its applications access to your public networks in order for it to function. If you need any further assistance on using it in its current beta state, please contact me.
  4. Mechanical Section
    1. 2016 Kit Assembly Guide: The guide to assembling this year's mechanical kit.
  5. Game Analysis & Mentoring Discussion
    1. Game Analysis Guide: TBD
  6. Environment Sensing and Manipulation
    1. Kit Ext Catalog v0.1: Kit Ext Catalog for this semester's DeCal game.


EE 98/198 (2 Units)

Lower Div CCN's (EE 98): 24720 or 24726

Upper Div CCN's (EE 198): 24984 or 24990

Facilitation and Contact

Andy Wong et al facilitate the DeCal

Contact the RC DeCal staff at rcdecal AT pioneers.berkeley.edu

Contact Andy at andywong AT pioneers.berkeley.edu or at (415) 608-5220

Location and Time

We meet at 6 - 8 PM on Mondays and Thursdays at 220 Jacobs Hall (adjacent to Soda and Etcheverry), and one the competition starts you will meet with your fellow mentors and mentees at locations and times you determine.

Course Policies

  1. Take your class/mentoring time commitment seriously
  2. No more than two total absences from DeCal sections and mentoring sessions since you start the DeCal.
  3. Give 24 hour notice before excused absences - excused absences by the University's definition (e.g. sickness, family emergency)
  4. Complete homework (mentor journals and others) in a timely manner.
  5. Please behave appropriately, with your fellow mentors and the high school students.


It's right here!

Prior Mentors

Prior mentors have offered themselves as resources. Go ahead and contact them if you have any questions/want some perspective on how things are going/some help on technical design/and so on.

  • Hershal Patel
    • "Hi, I'm Hershal. I was an EECS/MSE major; Mechanical PiE Staff; and PiE mentor to Encinal (twice), Ralph-Bunche, and Berkeley High. I started mentoring my second year of college and joined Staff the year after, and continued with both until I moved cross-country a year after graduating. I know it can be daunting to try and guide a bunch of high-school students through the season and somehow end up with a functional robot by Final Competition. If you need any help or advice, technical or otherwise, or if you just want to chat, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]."
  • Gurdit Chahal
    • "Hello! My name is Gurdit. I’ve proudly been a staff member for PIE for the past three and a half years. I was a part of the electrical production team my first year and moved into game design my last two years. I took the rewarding opportunity of becoming a mentor this past year, working with Nea during the Fall 2015 competition. Having enjoyed my time as a mentor, I’m hoping to extend what help I can to other mentors. Looking forward to hearing from you! Contact me at [email protected]."

Further questions

If you have any further questions or want to request a particular piece of curriculum, please contact the RC DeCal staff via their mailing list,

rcdecal AT pioneers.berkeley.edu.